Don't Let the Paint Chips Fall Where They May

Hire Realty Check for lead paint testing in Jackson, Greenville, Clinton & Vicksburg, MS

Perhaps you’re opening a new day care facility in the Jackson, Greenville, Vicksburg & Port Gibson, MS area. Or maybe you’re relocating your family. Before you welcome children into your residential or commercial building, contact Realty Check Home Inspections. We provide comprehensive lead paint testing for Jackson, Greenville, Clinton & Vicksburg, Mississippi locals.

Call 601-594-1261 to learn more about our special pricing

Call 601-594-1261 to learn more about our special pricing

Schedule a home inspection in conjunction with lead paint testing, and you’ll receive special pricing on both services! We want you to feel confident about your building purchase in Jackson, Greenville, Clinton & Vicksburg, MS.

Here’s what you need to know about lead paint testing:

  • Houses built before 1978 should be examined for traces of lead
  • Lead paint is toxic and can harm children under the age of 10
  • Adults typically don’t suffer any side effects from exposure to lead
  • Federal buildings should always be examined due to liability concerns

Realty Check’s team will scrape off portions of paint and send them to a lab for testing. The lab will send us a report within seven days. If traces of lead are found, we can give you practical next steps. Contact Jackson, Greenville, Clinton & Vicksburg, MS's dependable home inspection company today.